Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Anticipation

I always get excited at the end of each year, thinking about what I want to acheive in the new year.  The possibilities are endless, and I love thinking about it.  I'm normally pretty ambitious with my goals for the coming year, and sometimes I'm successful, sometimes not.  My largest goal this year is to work on following through with things.  I'm great at planning and coming up with ideas, but often get bogged-down and eventually bored with actually making it happen.  Well, not in's going to be my year.

Goal 1: Learn to use this bad-boy

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas, Christmas time is here!

After a family Christmas last weekend, I'm finally beginning to feel like it's Christmas, even though yesterday it was 82!  I know that it's Texas, & we don't normally have harsh winters, but 82 on December 21st is rough.  Anyway, last week, in the spirit of doing things to make others happy, I dressed up as a Christmas tree for our December service anniversary at work.  The costume was incredibly hot & fussy, but it was fun to see people smiling and excited.  This week on the other hand, I've been sick with a cold & sinus infection-trying to finish up shopping, christmas craft projects & wrapping gifts.  I finally finished tonight & am starting to feel better, so hopefully the holidays will be smooth sailing.  Merry Christmas yall!

In all my Christmas tree glory

Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa, Baby

So I'm really not feeling like it's Christmas time yet, but it is starting to get pretty cold in Austin, so hopefully I'll feel that fuzzy holiday cheer soon!  Tonight, I finished up decorating my Christmas stocking for my work department's party.  I tried to come up with something a little different (there IS a prize for the most creative) & the best I could come up with was to use newspaper as the base of my decorations since I work for a daily.  We'll see how I fair on Thursday...

'Tis the season

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hello World!

So to kick things off right, I'm starting out this blog of daily adventures with a pretty exciting activity.  To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, my boyfriend Andrew & I took flying trapeze lessons.  It was exhilirating, scary, & definitely an adventure.  Two hours of climbing up a ladder to a 25-foot-tall platform, then swinging above the net, trying to nail the 'trick' of moving from hanging from the bar with your hands, to swinging from the bar by your feet, & eventually, being caught by one of the instructors.  Andrew, was great & succeed every time.  I didn't fair as well, but it was still alot of fun, & I'm happy I was able to climb up to the platform & leap off every time.

It was a great way to spend our first anniversary & something that I'll reflect on as a thrilling experience that I'm proud of myself for trying.  

About to try to tuck my knees in & up over the bar

Andrew sticking the 'catch'