Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas, Christmas time is here!

After a family Christmas last weekend, I'm finally beginning to feel like it's Christmas, even though yesterday it was 82!  I know that it's Texas, & we don't normally have harsh winters, but 82 on December 21st is rough.  Anyway, last week, in the spirit of doing things to make others happy, I dressed up as a Christmas tree for our December service anniversary at work.  The costume was incredibly hot & fussy, but it was fun to see people smiling and excited.  This week on the other hand, I've been sick with a cold & sinus infection-trying to finish up shopping, christmas craft projects & wrapping gifts.  I finally finished tonight & am starting to feel better, so hopefully the holidays will be smooth sailing.  Merry Christmas yall!

In all my Christmas tree glory

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